intelliJ ask for .idea/AndroidManifest.xml when it should look for app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml


The IntelliJ FAQ said that projects in AndroidStudio are compatible with projects in IntelliJ - the project format is the same.

When I try to open an AndroidStudio project, IntelliJ wouldn't add Android SDK to the Project Structure (Project -> Project SDK) unless the file .idea/AndroidManifest.xml exists, which doesn't (it's the same on my colleague's Android Studio so I'm pretty sure there isn't such a file in AndroidStudio).

The AndroidManifest.xml is located at app/src/main because AndroidStudio allows multiple apps in one project.

Merely copying that AndroidManifest to .idea/ doesn't work because @mipmap, @style etc can't be resolved to the right directories in app/src/main/res.

So how do I get this AndroidStudio project working in IntelliJ?

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Please report an issue at and specify what AS version and IDEA version you are using.

You can try importing the project from build.gradle.


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