CLion/Rider/DataGrip Functionality as IntelliJ Plugins



I'm using IntelliJ in a multiple technologies environment & greatly enjoy the Python & PHP plugins.

That makes me wonder is there any plans on making CLion, Rider & DataGrip functionality available in plugin form to IntelliJ users similarly to PyCharm & Python plugins?


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DataGrip is already available in IntelliJ IDEA. CLion plug-in may appear later:

Not sure about Rider, you may want to contact Rider support team for details.

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Yup. I'm regularly writing Python, Groovy, Java and now C# in a suite of legacy apps. I've just had to download Rider, and as I need to write code in a smallish VM I would really rather not be...

Kudos for Resharper and Rider-- such a breath of fresh air after Visual Studio. I used an early release of Rider last year and, despite the odd wrinkle, much prefer it to Visual Studio.


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