Synchronizing maven dependencies with libraries


 I've handed edited my pom.xml file bringing in various versions of libraries some of which have many dependencies.   Now my Project Structure | Libraries

lists all of these even though I've deleted many from my pom.xml.   Because there are so many transitive dependencies I'm not sure I can select the correct ones to delete by hand.   I've tried right-clicking in pom.xml and reimporting several times but it doesn't affect the libraries.

Is there some sequence of things I can do to reset the list of libraries so it matches the dependencies in pom.xml?

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Reimporting the Maven project should be enough. You can also analyze the dependencies of your Maven project to see where they are coming from:

You can also run 'mvn dependency:tree -Dverbose' in the terminal to see if the list is shorter than you get in IDEA.


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