Live Template variable - get values from Task or other places in the IDE


Hi there,

I am writing up some live templates to add in for reviewing/commenting in changes and wondered after doing some research is it possible to use info from the current task (in our case a jira task) and have it inserted as a live template variable? It would be very handy for a comment like


// fixme:$USER$ - $TASK_ID$ - <some text here telling me what this is about>


This would mean its much easier to track where some changes or TODO's that you need to cleanup are coming from. Sometimes on a large scale refactor you need these breadcrumbs to keep a track of possible changes. I can put this in by hand but surely having automated would be better and far cooler and less chance of typos.


But at a more general level being able to wire into things like this would be quite a good idea. I would imagine even using something like a kotlin snippet or some kind of map semantic might help

getValue("component", "someProperty") could be for example getValue("Tasks", "taskId")



Thanks Serge,

Doesn't seem to much going on in terms of this feature on youtrack, hope they see it as a useful addition someday soon.


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