[issue] Remote code sniffer coding standard not found

Hi all!

I have a problem with setting up coding standards for a remote code sniffer. I have successfully set up a remote Interpreter:

I've also set up a remote code sniffer:

But when I go to Inspections and I want to select a coding standard for my code sniffer I get the following message:

If I run the config show command in my vagrant:

phpcs --config-show
    installed_paths: vendor/escapestudios/symfony2-coding-standard

phpcs -i
    The installed coding standards are Zend, PEAR, PHPCS, Squiz, PSR1, MySource, PSR2 and Symfony2

Anyone know how to solve this issue? I'm using Pphstorm 2016.2.1 .


Thanks in advance!

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Please attach the IDE log (as a file) after you try to expand the dropdown.

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Could you please test if behavior the same in latest EAP build?

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I've found the issue. My Symfony2 config for phpcs was in the wrong location and this was triggering an error if phpstorm ran the phpcs -i command. Maybe that's somethng you can add in the log file if that happens? Don't know if that's possible.

I figured it out by doing the same steps phpstorm was doing in the log file.

Thanks for the help!


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