Create A Subclass From A Decompiled Class


I have recently been frustrated by not being able to create a subclass of a decompiled class using the Alt-Enter intention.

It has happened enough recently to bug me enough to post about it, but I thought I should check youtrack first.

It turns out that I raised the same issue 5 years ago!

That was closed as Fixed without actually fixing it....

There is also this post suggesting a plugin, however, the plugin is too old and doesn't work anymore.

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Here is the issue that has been created


And once again it has been marked as fixed without actually fixing it!

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And how do you know that it was not fixed? The build with the fix is not available to public yet. The fix will be available in 2017.1 EAP build.

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My bad!

The updates from triage to fixed were just too close together and there was no fixed in build on the ticket making it look like it was immediately closed!

Sorry :)


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