Introspecting takes minutes not seconds

DataGrip is one of many IDEs I'm using to interaction with multiple MySQL instances.  However, DataGrip is the only one that  makes me wait minutes not seconds for a new table to be added to the list of tables in the Database window.  Is anyone else having  similar slow refreshes?  I would like to just use DataGrip.  However, if I have to wait 2-4 minutes to see a new table show up in my list of tables it becomes not quite so useful. 

Other free products I have seem to have no trouble refreshing the same table list in 5-10 seconds on the exact same database.

I would love it if I found out I'm just doing something wrong that was causing this.




This happens for me as well, quite frequent. Not always, but sometimes. Restarts seems to help. 


Seems to be related to this



Could you specify DG version?
Thank you.


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