Disable introspecting schema from running for every change?


I am using Datagrip 2016.3 build #DB-163.7744.4 on Windows 7 Enterprise. I develop against an in house Postgres v9.6 database with about 2k tables and 10k functions/views/triggers and the database is 790 MB in size.

Every time I create/alter a function the introspecting schema process is kicked off in the background tasks taking at least a minute to complete. During that time Datagrip often becomes un-usable as it either slows down or completely freezes. Another developer on my team is having the same issue and neither of us recall having this issue prior to upgrading to 2016.3.

Is there a way to disable the introspecting schema process from kicking off every time I create/alter a function? I would prefer to manually kick this off when needed instead of having to deal w/ the slow down. It appears to refresh the entire schema which seems unnecessary when only a single function was changed. Is there a way to limit that?

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I was looking around and I noticed there is an "Auto sync" checkbox on the data source properties page for this connection. I unchecked this box and the introspecting schema process appears to no longer automatically run when I create/alter a function.

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You're right. Don't forget to synchronise manually from time to time.

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This is a symptom of another problem that remains in DG 2017.3: Introspection is not asynchronous and prevents work from being done.  This should be a priority as it reduces the value of the software.


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