License expiring during plugin development


I use gradle-intellij-plugin during development. My intellij properties:

intellij {
version = 'IU-15.0.1'
plugins = ['JavaScriptLanguage', 'CSS']

updateSinceUntilBuild = false

sandboxDirectory = project.rootDir.canonicalPath + "/.sandbox"

After 30 days I got information that license expired and I have to buy it. I removed .sandbox directory and expected to work on "new" environment.

I run runIdea task and got expected screen to provide license or choose trial:

I chosen trial and got expected splash screen with 11.01.2017 as expiration date:

I opened project and after few seconds got dialog that my license expired:

Is it some unexpected issue and I just need to clean something additional?

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This behavior is by design, it's a protection from the infinite evaluations by removing the IDE folders.

Since you are using JavaScriptLanguage and CSS plug-ins which are Ultimate only, you need a license to use this IDE version. If you already have a license, you can register the sandbox IDE with the same license as your main IDE.

In case you don't have a license and your plug-in requires IDEA Ultimate, please contact the sales team for the extended trial key:

If the plug-in you develop is open source, you can apply for the free Ultimate license:

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Thanks for your information, I see now. I will use my own Ultimate license for sandbox then.

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I had a similar issue. I have a valid license for Ultimate but when debugging my plugin it said that is expired and asked to go online to activate. I couldn't do it as when I was clicking  the button to go online it closed the IDEA. So I changed the running JRE for my plugin to a local installation of Community Edition. Now I develop on Ultimate and when I debug it opens CE.


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