Auto Complete stopped working

Auto complete was working fine for me until recently. I think I may have hit the wrong hotkey or something. I used to be able to type:
class Poll:
 def blah(self):
    return "hello world"

>> Poll.b ## auto complete would popup showing .blah at this point

Now when I type Poll.b, I have to type 'ctrl-space' to get the auto complete to pop up. Attached is a screenshot of my Code Completion preferences.

How do I get back my auto complete as I type without hitting ctrl-space? Thank you!
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Your settings are correct for the behavior that you need. In the cases when you see the problem, is the Poll class declared in the same file, or is it imported from another module?
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It doesn't work if the Poll class is declared in the same file or from another module. However, it will always show up if I hit ctrl-space whether or not it's in the same file or another module.
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I still have not been able to get this fixed. Some additional info on what I've tried:

  • The problem occurs on old and new projects.
  • NOTHING will show up for the auto complete box, for any object in my code (import modules, class definitions, variables, etc), UNLESS I hit 'ctrl-space (in which case it works as normal).
  • I'm using OS X and I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. (even deleting the remnant Library files)

I did notice that when I reinstalled (after uninstalling the app and library files), the first time I reopened Pycharm it still had my theme and recent file list settings saved. What is the most sure way to remove ALL Pycharm application settings so I can try reinstalling again?
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Hi, I'm still unable to get this to work properly and haven't heard back any response. Autocomplete was one of the main reasons I purchased Pycharm.

What more can I do to help support diagnose this problem?
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It's absolutely ridiculous that I can't receive a response on how to fix this. It's been almost a month and a half. I've given every bit of information that you guys have asked. I've even raised a ticket and recevied no feedback.

I've been INCREDIBLY patient thus far, but I'm quickly losing it. Please advise on how I can solve this problem...

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