Stop Tabs Moving

I tend to have a lot of editor tabs open and I like to be able to keep them in rows and also keep track of them.

However, PyCharm seems to always bring the active tab's row to the lowest position (i.e. if I navigate to a tab in the highest row, that row moves to the bottom, just above the editor pane).

Is there any way to stop this??
No. Note that PyCharm provides many navigation features (Recent Files, Goto File, Goto Declaration etc.) that let you move around your project without worrying about the order of tabs on your screen.
I'll be honest, all of those things take longer than clicking an already open tab. GoTo File requires typing the filename and in a Django environment, there could be hundreds of files called "views". Recent Files is helpful, but requires too many steps for finding a tab which is currently open (as opposed to recently opened and since closed). Previous/Next tab is only helpful if the tab you're looking for is the next/previous tab..... Navigate back/forward is definitely a great feature, but again, only if you want to go back to where you've just been... Paging through six or seven different documents to back to a specific document isn't as useful as simply clicking on the tab you're looking for.

Perhaps this is something which could be changed? I'm not sure why the tabs should move around anyway.... To me, it seems unnecessary.
that let you move around your project without worrying about the order of tabs on your screen.
Thanks jonnblaze, I do understand and agree with you. However, all I'm asking is that the tabs stay in whatever location they are in when the file is first opened. I don't care what order they are in - all I would like is that the active tab is not brought to the bottom row, therefore shifting the position of all the tabs. If, like me, you have the same project open for a day or two, it makes navigation much quicker if the tabs don't move around - you quickly learn where the tabs are and can therefore find them quickly.

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