Cant get it to work... basics


So I decided to give this program a go. As my normal coding environment was Maya now I need standalone python editor. Since its 30 days trial I should be able to make decision at the end if its what I want or not.

So far it looks promising but I cant get anything to work.

If I type a simple code :

test = "test"

print test

And then I press Shift+f10

I get this:

C:\Python33\python.exe D:/Scripts/Vred/UI_PY/UI_test/
  File "D:/Scripts/Vred/UI_PY/UI_test/", line 6
    print test
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Process finished with exit code 1

Is there something I'm missing or this is not the right editor I'm after?

Also my main coding window is nice and dark but everything else is white. How can I change the skin of remaining UI to dark ?
You are using Python 2 syntax (print test) but running under Python 3 (C:\Python33\).

Try doing:

Oh... right !

In this case I guess I have to install python 2.x that matches my software and then change project settings - thats fine then thanks!!!

How about UI colours? Why are they 2 different set ups?

Thanks, bye.
Not sure what you mean by "2 different set ups". I think you mean PyCharm's theme support, which has a number of themes. I'm on a Mac and I prefer PyCharm's new Darcula theme over the OS X theme. But the point is, people like to choose different color schemes, so PyCharm provides a choice of themes.

Yes I mean theme. Its like 50% is one and 50% is another. How can I fix it?


Also how do I import PyQr4? I got error :(
In the PyCharm preferences, choose a different theme. Such as Darcula. You can also poke around in preferences to see options for changing background colors.

I have never heard of PyQr4. As a suggestion, don't use one forum post to ask an endless series of unrelated questions. :) Try poking around a little bit.
Ajj sorry misspell its PyQt4.

Asking here since its still in the range of basic questions I guess... Just getting it to work so I can use it :)

I tried import PyQt4 and then import rest but still it dont work. You can see error in screenshot.

I did run a quick search regarding PyQt but nothing useful popped up.

Regarding theme im in Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts, this only changes the look of where I write. Where do I change the look of the rest of UI ? – Sorted it was in Settigns>Apperance>Dracula :)

Thanks for quick reply btw!
Many extensions can be installed via PyCharm. Prefences -> Python Interpreters -> Packages Install. PyQt4 might require some other dependencies, but that's not PyCharm's job to install them.

For themes, Google for "PyCharm Theme". The second hit takes you to the PyCharm help system. Read that fully and you won't need to post questions. JetBrains works hard to write documentation, it's your job to read it. :)

Thanks for reply!

Yea I narrowed down the Theme secion :)

Regarding PyQt4 still cant get it to work.

I went over
Google...- fail
Where I find some PyQt4 reference but nothing much about installing it.
I got this and got QT PyQt4-4.10.2-gpl-Py3.3-Qt5.0.2-x64.exe Which should work with my Qt designer 5.2 and python 3.3

Then I tried addint it in Pycharm but I cant install it there neither the Packages - PyQt it errors with
Downloading/unpacking PyQt
  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement PyQt (from versions: x11-gpl-4.10.2, win-gpl-4.10.2, mac-gpl-4.10.2, x11-gpl-4.10.3-snapshot-1822d54bd3a4, win-gpl-4.10.3-snapshot-1822d54bd3a4, mac-gpl-4.10.3-snapshot-1822d54bd3a4, gpl-5.0, gpl-5.0, gpl-5.0.1-snapshot-dc70ed4b71f2, gpl-5.0.1-snapshot-dc70ed4b71f2)
Cleaning up...
No distributions matching the version for PyQt
Storing complete log in C:\Users\Dariusz\pip\pip.log"

So I'm lost. Where do I find how to install it?

Thanks, bye.
For installation of PyQt into your Python, I suggest ignoring PyCharm. Get it working in your Python 2.7 installation, then point PyCharm at that Python.

Stated differently, it is outside the scope of PyCharm to handle getting PyQt into your Python. Just follow the instructions on the PyQt site and make sure it works from the Python prompt outside of PyCharm.
For installation of PyQt into your Python, I suggest ignoring PyCharm.

This!!  ^^^
It sounds like you are looking for help on installing a python library.

[disclosure]I know nothing about PyQt4, so I'm going out on a limb here; I noticed on their webpage the first links are source files to build your own. I might suggest using the binaries instead. If you're not used to building libraries, this should be much easier for you.

Depending on your setup, one of the following should probably work for you:
PyQt4-4.10.2-gpl-Py3.3-Qt4.8.4-x64.exe     Windows 64 bit installer
PyQt4-4.10.2-gpl-Py3.3-Qt4.8.4-x32.exe     Windows 32 bit installer

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