Shebang inspection for file type determination

It would be great if pycharm could look at shebang notation to determine file type.

code/a/plug has #!/usr/bin/env python

code/b/plug has #!/bin/bash

It would be great if the files (without any distinguishable file name) could be associated with different syntax based on shebang (which is a posix standard).

Alternatively allow me to put a slash in the file type association to explicitly list my files for different plugins (so I can say a/plug is python, b/plug is bash).
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On some projects its customary to have all scripts end in .sh including php or python. Other projects .sh files contain bash or Bourne code.
A lot of big projects don't use an extension at all for their executables. PHPStorm etc. does not handle this well.
When switching between projects I find that I continuously adjust the associations.

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