Disable caret moving at comment hotkey

When i do line comment(ctrl+slash) - caret has moved to next line, it's make me mad.
Somehow possible to do exactly same, but without caret moving?

I sought such option in settings, but found nothing.
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You cannot disable that, however you can define a macro.

1) Start with Edit | Macros | Start Macro Recording
2) Press "Ctrl" + "/" to comment out current line
3) Press "Up" to move caret to that line again
4) End with Edit | Macros | Stop Macro Recording

The caret will return to the same logical position as before, just as expected.
You can assign that macro to any keyboard shortcut you like: Settings | Keymap | Macros.
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Thanks for reply, Anna!

Yes, i already tried it. But it work's not exactly same as native comment hotkey: in python, if i selected a few lines and caret stay on bottom line of selection, and use thats macros - then after caret will be moved up, but with standard hotkey - it's not moving, and that better, i think.

Ладно, видимо ничего лучше с этим всё равно не сделать, спасибо и на этом.

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