PyCharm interpreter management

Hello Everyone,

    I am testing PyCharm as IDE for my ArcPy needs. I have been testing it on how to set up the interpreters. I am using ArcGIS 10.2.2 with 64 bit background geoprocessing installed, therefore I have two Pythons, one 32 bit and another 64. I understand it shouldnt be a big deal, other than selecting the one you want to use.

  Playing around on the project interpreter window I added again the 32 bit one, so its now duplicated. I tried to remove the duplicate, but  that would remove both 32 bit interpreter instances. Why is this happening? Can anyone help me to remove this duplicate?

2015-03-09 16_08_07-Project Interpreters.png

2015-03-09 16_08_26-Project Interpreters.png
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Did you try removing them both and then re-adding just the one?
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Yes, when you remove any of them, both disappear, and when you re-add python.exe (32bit) they appear both again. Forgot to mention I am using PyCharm Community Edition 4.0.4

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