Live Templates, Expression: classNameComplete()


me again, because I am actually working intensively with lion.
I am waiting for "classNameComplete()" - An Expression shown in Live Templates Dialog for more than 1/2 year now.
When I make use of Expression "fileName()" life template works perfect. So Life Template mechanism is good i suppose.
I asked half year nearly the same question "Where is implementation of classNameComplete()" ?
Answer was something like "it is planed".
I mean from my point of view jetbrains should not offer Epressions in Life Template Dialog if they are not implemented.
classNameComplete could be very useful for me, because i need this for Data Logging and i used this years ago in
IDEA as java Developer. So, please implement classNameComplete() or delete this.

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no one seems to be interessted in this "Live Tempates" - so i am frustrated now. you can delete this!

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Hi Olaf.

Sorry for the delay. We have the issue about the review of 'Predefined Functions to Use' list in the tracker: Please comment or upvote.

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phantastic (sarcasm)
when do you think I can use



2016 ?
I waited rather long and from my point of view I cannot really see why its not implemented.
If some variables are shown but "content" is not accessible,
its better not to show this variabels. It gives user only a taste how it could be and frustration to see
that nothing is done for Live Template - disable things which are not working or better dont't show.
CLion's version is > 1.0 and I already paid for a license. Beta testing is ok as long something happens.
But not in comercial environment.

Greetings Olaf

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Hi Olaf.

We are planning to resolve it soon. Please stay tuned. We appreciate your patience.

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Hey, Olaf.


Are you still feeling patient?

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I used Eclipse to develop Java before,

and I start to use IDEA 2018.1.1 recently.

The function of Setting template make IDEA saving more time than Eclipse.

Your work is very great.

But Today before I saw this post,I tried to use classNameComplete().

It didn't work.

This problem seems to exist for a long time.

Are you still trying to fix it?

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No I gave up !

Have a look here


First time i wrote that "classNameComplete" within live template does not work was 3 years ago!
This method is really important for me because I need to write log ("MyClass::doSomething, ..."); by hand.
1000 x and more.
In IDEA, within some old java projects this feature works since years in templates!
In clion it sucks! Sorry not to be polite - but I feel ignored.

Jetbrains team made good work in general. Some updates I installed since 2014 made me really happy .
I saw  progress nearly everywhere and I enjoyed it!

But all my posts about this "small issue" were just answered but never fixed  !

As a customer I expect that issues will be fixed in time!

So, my time is up now. I canceled subscription contract.

I wish the best for jetbrains,

Greetings, Olaf




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Hi Olaf.

Thanks for answering me.

like you said,Jetbrains team made good work in general.

Although I'm a little frustrated by this little imperfection.

I enjoy using IDEA so far.


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