Guess why I cancelled Subscription !

First time i wrote that "classNameComplete" within live template does not work was 3 years ago!
This method is really important for me because I need to write log ("MyClass::doSomething, ..."); by hand.
1000 x and more.
In IDEA, within some old java projects this feature works since years in templates!
In clion it sucks! Sorry not to be polite - but I feel ignored.

Have a look here: 


Jetbrains team made good work in general. Some updates I installed since 2014 made me really happy .
I saw  progress nearly everywhere and I enjoyed it!

But all my posts about this "small issue" were just answered but never fixed  !

As a customer I expect that issues will be fixed in time!

So, my time is up now. I canceled subscription contract.

I wish the best for jetbrains,

Greetings, Olaf




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