Autocomplete not working for tables in database under a synonym

Hi there,

I'm looking to get autocomplete working for tables that are in a database as a synonym. Autocomplete is working correctly for tables that are in a database. This was also a problem for me when using 0xDBE.

In the Schemas tabs for a Project Data Source, I have checked everything for a particular database where a synonym has been created, and also for the database with the original table. Screenshot to show example of my settings below.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 16.46.04.png


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Hello Graham,
Can you query the data using synonyms? Does the completion work if you prefix synonym with the schema/database name? Check if it helps enabling Resolve unqualified references for the schemas/databases which has synonym and re-run Synchronization for this Data Source.

If problem remains, can you please attach output of Test Connection button and ddl of the synonym? Thanks.

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I ran into this issue today. I was able to get code completion for Synonyms (in Oracle) after doing what you suggested -

"enabling Resolve unqualified references for the schemas/databases which has synonym and re-runSynchronization for this Data Source".

Just FYI - Thank you for the solution.


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This option seems missing in 2017.1... how can I resolve this problem then?

EDIT: Geez... you just have to set the current schema correctly (upper right in the console) in order to reference the correct database objects. Thanks for making me feel stupid... again... ;-)

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Same problem here - no auto completion of synonyms and synonyms are not recognized ("unable to resolve table")

In 2017.2, "resolve unqualified references" option isn't available.  I can query the table using the synonym.  It doesn't help to qualify with the schema first. 

I tried Preferences/Database/SQL Resolution Scopes - added my sql file and chose the schema from the drop down.  Nothing seemed to happen.  When I came back to this screen, the mapping had disappeared.

When I try to generate DDL of the synonym to the console, I get nothing.

Database is DB2.


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