Navigate to Table and Navigate to Symbol behaviors

If I do a Navigate to Table, 0xDBE opens the table via a SELECT * FROM <Table>  command.
If I do a Navigate to Symbol, it brings me to the symbol definition in the Database schema browser (not sure what you call that area on the left)

Personally, I like the behavior of the Navigate to Symbol behavior better.  When I'm looking up a table, typically I want to see the column definitions, not the data in the table.

Idealy, there would be a separate Navigate to Table Data and a Navigate to Table Definition.

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Hello Chris,

Sorry for delayed reply. When you use Go to symbol action IDE uses Symbol declaration for navigation indeed and Go to table - opens the table in Editor. Note that you can also use Ctrl(Cmd)+ Mouse click on a table or Ctr(Cmd)+B to navigate to a table declaration.

The issue you are describing should solve this request - possibility to autoscroll (in database tool window) to table definition for opened in Editor table. Please vote for this YouTrack request. Please see if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


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