wrong source when stepping through BootStrap

I added some code to my grails-1.2.2 project's BootStrap.groovy and put a breakpoint in it.  The debugger stopped there correctly, but when I try to step-over, it changes the editor tab to grails/1.2.2/src/grails/grails-app/conf/BootStrap.groovy.  Back in my project's BootStrap.groovy, the highlight of the current source line does not move down as I step; the line with the breakpoint remains highlighted, although the variables panel shows new local variables being created by lower lines as I step.

Is there some way I can get the debugger to show it stepping in my project's BootStrap?  I'm using 9.0.2 final on Mac OS 10.6.3.



Thanks for the feedback. I have also observed the issue. Created: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-54504



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