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  • David Beutel created a post,

    evaluating groovy Geb expressions in Spock specs with IDEA 11.0.1

    Spock support got better in IDEA 11, as it now provides the option of running integration and functional specs in Grails as well as straight JUnit.  But, I seem to be having problems now with somet...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    breakpoints in a Grails script

    How can I get the debugger to stop at a breakpoint in a Grails script, such as _GrailsTest.groovy?I added the $GRAILS_HOME/scripts to the sources of my global grails-1.3.6 library, but the breakpoi...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    run grails target VM parameters

    How can I configure the VM parameters for Tools > Grails > Run Target?  I tried the Run > Edit Configurations > Defaults > Grails > VM parameters, but it seems to have no effect.  I was able to cre...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    adding a global Grails SDK

    My current Groovy and Grails installations are in Global Libraries.  I wanted to add Grails 1.3.5.  How can I do this in IU-98.486?I tried Tools > Grails > Change SDK version > Use library > Create...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    deploying a grails app to tc Server with spring-insight

    I'm trying out Spring Insight with my Grails 1.3.4 app.* installed tc Server developer 2.0.3.RELEASE* installed IntelliJ's tc Server plugin described at http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2010/09/spri...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    wrong source when stepping through BootStrap

    I added some code to my grails-1.2.2 project's BootStrap.groovy and put a breakpoint in it.  The debugger stopped there correctly, but when I try to step-over, it changes the editor tab to grails/1...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    bogus warning on bindData()?

    I'm getting a warning in a Grails controller on the following line, that 'bindData' cannot be applied to these parameter types:        bindData(settingsInstance, params, [include:['dateFormat', 'ti...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    can't use Jetty with Grails?

    After I did an uninstall-plugin tomcat and install-plugin jetty, IntelliJ can't compile my project.  It fails on JettyServer.groovy, complaining about missing classes from org.mortbay.jetty.  But g...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    noinspection for infinite loop statement?

    How can I //noinspection an infinite loop statement?     while (true) { System.exit(0) }I get a quick-fix option to disable that inspection globally, but I want to prevent the warning on just that ...
  • David Beutel created a post,

    groovy options -n or -l

    How can I run a script in IDEA with the groovy -n (line-by-line) or -l (listen) options?