Remote sdk with Vagrant & RVM

I'm having a very similiar issue to the developer that posted on this issue.

I've followed all of the solution steps including completely changing files that are owned in the usr/local/rvm directory to vagrant:rvm

My one difference is that I cannot change from RVM to rbenv. I've done everyother setup and I'm still getting the permission denied and then it downloads a bunch of files and Rubymine crashes. At first it was complaining about memory issues so I increased its memory allocation from 128 512 400 to 800, 1200, 1000. (per this post since the values made sense for my setup and the project is pretty big.)

any thoughts, any logs I could post to resolve this? I can't use some of RubyMines nifty features without this :/

On ubuntu 14.04 and the VM is ubuntu 12.04

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It looks like my problem is that remote RVM isn't supported yet - hopefully that will change in the near future.


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