be_valid underlined in spec files


Why RM 3.1 (and 3.1.1 EAP) displays 'cannot find be_valid' message in a spec file? It seems that RM doesn't recognize this rspec matcher


it "is not valid without a name" do = nil
    user.should_not be_valid

be_valid is underlined


I am having this same problem with RM v5. (RM-129.861)   My project includes a "spec" folder which is identified as a "Test Source Folder" per the documentation.  My specs run (or fail, if I broke them) as expected when I press Ctrl+R.  But when I am editing my specs, the rspec methods like "should" and "be_an_instance_of" are all underlined and flagged as "Cannot find ...".

Did the original poster's bug get submitted and resolved?  If so, has it re-appeared?  Or is there some project configuration I am likely missing?


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