Error running.. Rails server launcher wasn't found in project


I'm having a little trouble getting back in the saddle after upgrading my OS to Fedora 15.

I did an install of F15 from scratch, so I had to reload my workspace and RubyMine from backups.

I also have rvm installed (as before) although am not quite certain that it is installed correctly.

RVM is installed as a globally (my computer anyway) available in /usr/local/rvm

After copying over the RubyMine 3.1 files, I upgraded to 3.1.1rc and then typed in my license key.

It took a few times through gem installs and recognizing Gemfile, but all of that seems to be fixed.

I just have the problem noted in my Subject Header - Rails server launcher wasn't found in project.

rack seems to be there...


Any suggestions on how I might proceed?


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