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  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    How to get back in sync with SVN repository?

    Awhile ago, something happened..At the top of my project list is the name "DummyRails [DummyRails1] (~/RubymineProjects/DummyRails)Some discrernable facts:I have directoriesRubymineProjects/DummyRa...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Why does RM complain about argument count in

    I moved older code to Rails 3.22/RM 4.0.2 and am getting red marks (Found 2 extra argument(s), Required <= 1; super_class=...) in the statementdateone =,3,22)
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    What is the Best (easiest?) way to upgrade an app when Rails changes

    I have an app which was developed under Rails 2+ and then moved to Rails 3.0+ (before assets).I would now like to move the app to Rails 3.2.2 and RubyMine 4.0.2I have rvm and Ruby 1.9.3 installed a...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Static Analysis too Aggressive

    See attached code fragment with static analysis Notes from within RubyMineThe method has one argument - files_z, which the static analyzer claims can be uninitialized.Also, the local variable prior...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    How to hang your GUI

    These steps have worked for me repeatedly.All of these steps may not be necessary, but I have not tested all the permutations.1) Open the Help page: Help->Help Topics2) Open a code page (I used Dum...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Having difficulty with Subversion

    I am having failed commits, but browsing repository from within Rubymine shows some recent commit messages..Right now, I have the 'Commit Changes' window open, but it does not have minimize, maximi...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Error running.. Rails server launcher wasn't found in project

    HiI'm having a little trouble getting back in the saddle after upgrading my OS to Fedora 15.I did an install of F15 from scratch, so I had to reload my workspace and RubyMine from backups.I also ha...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Put in SVN, took out of SVN, now missing Rails server launcher.

    I had a working system and 547 files of code, etc.I thought it would be good to put my code under Subversion.I created a subversion repository and then did an import to subversion.After things look...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Error diagnostic message should include class name

    I made an error in my code.The diagnostic message splashed on my browser includes the line:   undefined method `SubTransaction' for #<#<Class:0x007fa263a4a198>:0x007fa263a43cf8>It would be nice to ...
  • Robert Gustafson created a post,

    Clicking red square while on a breakpoint does not stop rails server.

    1) Set a breakpoint in your code.2) Start the rails server in debug mode3) Use your browser to hit the code with the breakpoint4) Your code executes and stops at the breakpoint5) You then click the...