Absolute path for gem-like libraries causes problem sharing .iml file

We have a large code base where we spin out a gem once in a while.
Before a gem is ready to have a git repository and a RubyMine project on its own, the 'gem-in-the-making' lives in the same repository and project as the main application. It already fully complies to all gem requirements, in terms of structure and .gemspec and all that -- it just is not mature enough to spin out.
For this working method there is ample support from Bundler and RubyGems. In particular, by using the :path option when declaring the gem-in-the-making in the project Gemfile, like this
     gem 'gem_in_the_making', :path => 'gem_in_the_making'
However, RubyMine turns that line in the Gemfile into this line in the .iml file
    <orderEntry type="library" scope="PROVIDED" name="gem_in_the_making (v0.0.0, C:/some/absolute/path/to/our_project/gem_in_the_making) [path][gem]" level="application" />

Now this makes sharing the .iml a pain, as some of our co-workers may have a different path to their project root folder.

Is there an option to force RubyMine to include the path as entered in the Gemfile?


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