GNU GetText improvements

I'm working on a Django project that uses .po files for translations. The application was written by a Russian-speaking development team but is being transitioned to an English speaking development team. At this point, all the gettext keys are in Russian, which makes working with the code rather cumbersom.

I have the GNU GetText plugin installed, but it provides little navigation or coding assistance.

I'm looking to either request features be added to the plugin or maybe write my own plugin to implement:

  • Code info highlights for instances of the translation key "_('key')" that show lookup and show the translation in the language the IDE is running in
  • Code navigation for GoTo Definition on those instances
  • Intention to swap the old key for a translation, essentially converting for example a Russian key to an English key. Ideally with the ability to execute this intention project wide.

I've never written a language plugin before. I looked at the java comparingreferences example and dug knee deep into the regular expression code in the community edition, it seems like there's a lot to learn.

Does this seem like a lot of work? Are there any pointers? How long might a feature request like this take to get implemented?


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Hi Charlie,

PyCharm's django support is not open-sourced, so it will be difficult for you to write a plugin.

You can file a feature request in PyCharm's tracker
Feature priority depends on several parameters so, unfortunately, we can't make a time estimation.
Please read this post about watching your youtrack issues.


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