Fireworks 1.15 released

Available for IDEA 5.0 & 6.0 through IDEA's built-in plugin manager or directly from

Version 1.15 changes:
? * fix bug: when disable fireworks on Intellij6, there is a NullPointerException threw in the ProjectAdapter

  • fix bug: can't parse exception trace log which has no ':' at first line.

  • new feature: add new configuration for clearing log console before Fireworks start run tests action, the default value of it is true

  • change: display default value of configuration 'Test class name regex' which is '.*Test' when user does not set its value.

more about the plugin:

Any feedback is very much appreciated.



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Your plugin sounds awesome. I tried to get it from the plugin repository, but it only has version 1.04 and it will not download correctly. Is there any chance that you can get 1.15 loaded into the repository? If not, maybe you can put some instructions on your page on how to load it manually.


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