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Hey Community,

I am trying to utilze the Dukes Age Resource Tutorial example from Oracles Java EE 7 Tutorial.


I  went ahead and tried using a reference for this part of the tutorial  and opened up the example folder and loaded the pom.xml file under the  examples. After this i don't know if I need to do anything else since it  looks like I can access the DukesAgeResource without needing to create a  new maven project if I'm correct. The Modules that are loaded once  opening the pom.xml file include the DukesAgeResource.

I  know this might not be something anyone encounters from a person trying  to learn Java EE but I want to learn how to use intelliJ with this  tutorial to save time down the road learning how to use the IDE proficiently.

Thank you,


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Importing/opening pom.xml is enough to get a wokring project.


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