IntelliJ 15.0.2 Indexing for at least 5 min OSX 10.11.2


Hey, guys.

I've been working on a project for my university, but IntelliJ started to take minor freezes and extremly long loading times when starting. Even once i finished indexing starting (running) my project takes like forever. Yesterday everything was still smooth, but now its really slow.

Another thing that i descovered is that everytime after i started Program my disk space goes to 0 KB (I was still having like 1GB left before starting IntelliJ). Really would appreciate any help. What might be intressting thou for you is that in my program i need to load a 9GB XML file into the memory (i placed this file into the Project Path, might this be one of the reasons my IntelliJ takes to load that long?)

THX DavidDraiman

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You need to get more space on the drive so that IDEA can store caches, see .

If it doesn't fix the performance problem, provide a CPU snapshot: .

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Big thx man, fixed my issue! :)


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