Copy Subversion URL


Hi IntelliJ IDEA Users,

Often in my workflow I need to get a copy of the subversion URL for a given file. The way that I currently do this is via the VCS menu options, then browse the VCS repository, browse SVN repository and find the file of interest. I can then right click and copy URL. This is a bit of a pain as my SVN repository is pretty remote (UK --> Aus) and sometimes the files are quite deep in the structure - meaning it sometimes takes a while to get the info I need. I noticed on the right click for a file in the project explorer that I can Copy Path - it's a shame that there isn't a copy VCS URL (or similar) to do the same. This would be much quicker...

Is there something I have missed here? Is there a quicker or easier way I can acheive the same or is there a plug in perhaps that I can use?


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