Oracle Java EE 7 Tutorial

Hi Intellij Community,

I am attempting to learn Java EE using the Oracle Tutorials specifically, Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform. The tutorial is designed to work with Netbeans so if else fails I'll refer back to that IDE for use. I would like to use the Intellij IDE for this tutorial but I am stuck on a part where I have to install two Maven Archetypes. At an attempt to make a new Maven project I cannot select those arechtypes. According to the tutorial I have to go to the glassfish4/docs/firstcup folder and select example after that is when I get stuck becuase it asks me to select the firstcup project and build.

Two questions:

1. How dows this translate over to intellij?

2. Does intellij have documentation that goes along with this tutorial? If not could someone by chance make a tutorial to go along with this one?

Thank you,


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You can install archetypes from the command line Maven: .

As for the examples, just open pom.xml file in IntelliJ IDEA and the project should be imported automatically.

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Hey Serge,

I appreciate getting in touch with me on how to configure and open these files. I was not referring to that part of the tutopian and apologize if I was misunderstood. I was referring to the dukes age example.

I went ahead and tried using your reference for this part of the tutorial and opened up the example folder and loaded the pom.xml file under the examples. After this i don't know if I need to do anything else since it looks like I can access the DukesAgeResource without needing to creat a new maven project if I'm correct by the Modules that are loaded once opening the pom.xml file.

I know this might not be something anyone encounters from a person trying to learn Java EEe but I want to learn how to use intelliJ with this tutorial to save time down the road.

Thank you,  



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