Uninstall IntelliJ idea on Mac


I would like to completely uninstall IntelliJ IDEA from my Mac and do a clean install. How do I perform a clean Uninstall?


Doesn't work.

Seems to be inpossible to uninstall and wipe out configs now.

I uninstall, delete all those, and reinstall but IntelliJ still knows all projects and still has errors I was trying to fix.

IntelliJ is a IDE/virus.


Hi Nate

If you store your projects in the default directory that was suggested by the IDE, new installations will keep using it. Path to the directory with your projects can be changed here if needed:

You can also try the Toolbox app to save time and effort maintaining your IDEs. It allows you to install multiple versions at once, update or downgrade them, and roll back changes all in one place.

and still has errors I was trying to fix

What kind of errors?

P.S. Here's a nice guide on how to uninstall IntelliJ IDEA on macOS using two different methods:


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