IntelliJ IDEA EAP 142.2887.3 usability

I have question regarding 'new features' in latest IDEA versions.

*) In latest early access version (142.2887.3) suddenly disappears checkboxes for Match case and Words from Find... (Ctrl+F) tool bar in code editor. These switches are accessible only from popup menu by mouse clicking. I suggest to return back these switches. Reported as IDEA-14212

*) Java code editor has lags (on fast computer and unusable on old single core machine) when editing files with more than 1000 LOC. Time is spent on code analysis.

*) Opened tooltip window (eg Parameter info) causes slow typing and lags during editing on fast computer. Without tooltip window text editing is instant and without lags for small files. Maybe there is problem with redrawing java code or updating tootip contents.

Intellij IDEA is best IDE I've ever used.

Please don't repeat Borland error. They advertised: 'We have 2 times faster IDE than our previous version'. But they forget mention that it was measured on 4 times faster computer.

  Thank you

Fast computer: 6 core Intel + HT, 32GB RAM, SSD, 30" 2560x1600
Slow compter: 1 core AMD 64, 2GB RAM, HDD 7200 rpm, 24" 1920x1200
   - used for testing only. (IDEA is surprissingly usable, code analysis must be switched to 'Syntax')
Project type: Java SE - Swing

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