Wrong positioning on multi monitor setup


I'm using the IDEA 15.0.2 Community edition on Window 7 Enterprise OS, but my problem were exists in the older versions too.
Intellij position its main window outside the monitor. I mean when I start Intellij it's start in kinda full screen size, but not in maximize mode and a little part from the top and the side is out of the screen size.
The side part is easily noticiable because of the 2 monitor, check the first screenshot.
When I using maximize window button then it fits to the screen size, but if I press again it will be out of the size again.
So on the first monitor easy to fix it, but interestingly on the second monitor it's worse, aximize does not work, it's always set back itself to not maximize size mode and stay out of the screen size.
Check the second screenshot.
It worked the same way with the 14 versions, but there is a big difference now. The earlier versions did this only when I started Intellij or a new window, but with version 15 it doing the same when locking the screen and log in again, not always but most of the time.
Plus sometimes doing it without any reason, at least I can't find any connection with other event yet.
At home it's doing the same, but for example on my collegae machine, who just installed the latest version and he didn't have earlier versions on his machine work fine.
So it's maybe some old setting or something which were exported/imported from versions to versions, but I don't have any idea what could it be.

Am I the only one who has this issue?
Any idea how to fix it?


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