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I am new to IntelliJ IDEA. I want to use the Aphache Commons IO API in my project. I opened the Project Structure dialog, I selected the modules category, my project and my module, the Depencies tab then I clicked the + button, I selected the JARs, and chose the commons-io-2.4.jar.
In the artifacts category, I also added the JAR.

But I got a ClassNotFoundException.
In Eclipse, I just added the jar to the Build Path, and it worked.

So what should I do if I want to use this Apache Commons IO API?

Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm not English.

Thank you for the replies!

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Attach a project that will show the problem. Note that Commons IO may depend on some other jars that are missing.

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I created a test project to represent the problem, but it worked.
I'll try to figure ou the problem. Can it be because it's using VSO Git?


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