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I'm new to intelliJ and i am trying to import a maven pom.xml file.  When i run maven install i was getting an error and i noticed some oddity i cannot figure out and i was hoping i can get some assistance.  So this is the following file structure.
Which looks fine but once i right click on the pom.xml and add as maven project i get maven install error and i look at the file structure and this what is displaying.
com.b should be a folder of it's own and well as service/test but showing as service.text.  Any idea why this is happening?

EDIT: forgot to mention i am using intelliJ 15.0.2


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"mvn install" should work properly in console, maybe your pom.xml has errors, hence cannot be imported properly.

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it isn't at the "maven install" it does it when i click on the pom.xml and tell it to add as a maven project.

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Attach idea.log ( and a sample project to reproduce it.


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