Idea 15.0.2 Unable to see child pom based projects as directories in imported Maven 'Multi-Module' projects

Hi ,
Facing this issue in IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.2 Ultimate (30 Day Trial)
I am importing Existing Maven Project as a Multi-Module Maven Project (a Parent POM and several child POMs in different Project Modules)
But instead of showing the project structure, it is showing just the .iml and other files.
It is not showing showing the imported multi-module project directories (the directories have child POM xml and should appear as separate directories in the IDE after the Maven import)

This used to work in IDEA 14.2. I have done it in 14.2 but in 15.x this is somehow missing.
Screenshots attached for reference.

Am I missing something ? Or Is this Multi-Module setup for Maven projects not working anymore in 15.x ?

ScreenShot12-15-15 003.JPG
ScreenShot12-15-15 002.JPG
ScreenShot12-15-15 001.JPG
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Do you import the root pom.xml file?

Any errors in idea.log (

What Maven version do you use for importing?

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Hi Serge,
Thanks for replying.
I am now able to see the  multiple module project directories for child POM XMLs in IntelliJ.

Our office has blocked accessed to Maven repo. and is behind firewall with proxy.
We have all Maven dependencies met in our .m2 locally and I had to configure Maven build tool to work in "Offline Mode".

I think until it is resolving dependencies, Idea does not show the directories of child POM projects and this caused me to raise this issue.
All is resolved  now.

I however had raised an issue earlier of IntelliJ Idea 14.2 not having ability to arrange the order of deployment of Artifacts for GlassFish server.
Has it been resolved in 15.2 ?

- Cheers

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Can you provide a link to this request?

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Actually, Issue not raised by me. Already existing in YouTrack as pointed by Micheal Golubev :
It is about EAR Compatibility while deployment on Glassfish server with EAR to be JEE 5 Compatible.
In Glassfish console there is a compatibility checkbox for it, whereas IntelliJ did not have it till 14.
In IntelliJ 15, I do see a JEE 5 Compatibility while configuring Remote debug with Glassfish Server.

However, this still does not address Local Glassfish Server deployment in which IntelliJ was picking up WAR File for deployment first due to natural order (String / alphabetic) sort on deployment artifacts, whereas that WAR picked first NEEDED
EAR to be deployed first.

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You should submit a new issue about that.


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