CSS formatting in play templates

I have a *.scala.html template for Play2 and some CSS inside it:

conf-form input:nth-child(n+1) {
    margin-top: -1px;
  .conf-form .btn {
     background-color: #17384C;
} </style>

After I press Code->Reformat code, I get:

.conf-form input : nth-child(n+1) {
margin-top: -1px ;
.conf-form.btn {
background-color: #17384C ;

It's not valid layout! .conf-form .btn and .conf-form.btn are different selectors! And this happens every time when I copy this code or complete code block or ...

In CSS formatting rules I have completely different rules, but for Play2 templates Idea uses Velocity language rules.

What should I do?

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Will be fixed in 2.0.5 or 2.1.x

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Sorry, in 2.0.5 of what? We have Idea 15.x and Play 2.3.x.


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