debug in multiple gradle module project

This is my project:


 common (apply java plugin)

 server (apply java plugin)

 site-war (apply org.akhikhl.gretty plugin)

The `site-war` module depends on project `common` and `server`.

Generally we should stop-start the servlet container when something changed,  it's so easy when we use maven as the build tool with the tomcat7 plugin, we just run the `mvn tomcat7:run` by a double click:


and click the `stop` button to stop it:

Howver I feel rather bad when using gradle, though I can start the server by a double click for `jettyStart`:

I can not stop it by simpliy click the `stop` red icon, it does not work, there is a background progress alive until you click the `jettyStop`, but it will taks almost 10 seconds to stop the whole process. Is this acceptable during development?

So I tried to use the hot-load feature:

gretty {

    scanInterval = 1

    port = 3100

    contextPath = ''

    servletContainer = 'jetty9'


Now when I update the `/site-war/src/main/resources/`, jetty will reload.

However once I update the codes in `common` or `server`, jetty does not reload.

Is this possible? since Debug is a so common used feature in development, I need that fast and effective.

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Consider using Jetty run/debug configuration with exploded war artifact. Build | Make will update code and resources automatically.


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