Is there a plan to build an iOS version of intellij for ipad pro?


I just checked my apps on the iPad. It looks like the only thing missing is IntellJ. If there is a verion of intellij for ipad pro, I wouldn't have to carry both on my back. Life will be so much better.


you seriously want to do serious programming with a touch screen?


why not since I have the physical keyboard.


Apple is purportedly making an iOS version of XCode. An iPad (especially the iPad Pro) can attach a keyboard, either directly, like the iPad Pro, or via bluetooth. I'm teaching my kids programming using the Codea app on the iPad - that's a Lua IDE.

All that said, it's not yet a good platform for development. Apple is going to have to make serious changes to the restrictions on the iPad for it to become a competent development platform.


I seriously would like to do serious development on my iPad+keyboard. Even if it were an IDEA lite version, it would be great while on the go without a laptop to be able to do the basics of integrating with version control, make some edits, etc. The lack of Java support for iOS is probably a pretty big constraint, though IntelliJ developers often surprise me!


A light version would be awesome. all those code apps are horrible. I want something simple and lightweight but quality.


I guess in iOS 11 it would be feasible to port the entire IntellJ app to iOS. There are Apple approved ways around the common restrictions and the OS is much more flexible.

For instance, phpstorm on an iPad Pro with builtin Apache PHP and Mysql would do the trick. The is already some other Apps to edit code but like on the desktop they all suck.


Hey, I will also love to have a full feature IntelliJ, Adobe Photoshop has a full feature app why not IntelliJ.



Nowadays I think iPad Pro has enough resource for usage usage of IDE for editing code and regarding running of projects it is another story and in worse case it may be remote more powerful environment.


One of JetBrains staff confirmed. No plan. Extremely sad.


As one of the leader of IDE, it should support on iPad so that I can build anywhere. Sometimes, I just need to test some concept which I learn from internet. It is solid use case for developer.


Well, you should tell that to the OpenJDK team and Apple then, they're the ones you need to turn to to get a JDK on iPad. 

Right now the platform doesn't support Java at all.

oh, and directory structures and things like that so we can create package trees :)


I mean, If JetBrains are interested in creating a port to the increasing powerful tablets they are the one that should start the discussion with Apple and maintainers of OpenJDK, not its customers. I use PHPstorm on a 2015 Macbook 12" and it works just fine. I think it is very likely that tablets replace ultraportable machines in a very near future.


Did a search for this topic and disappointed to see it was first asked in 2015 yet still no iPad version.

iPad OS is already in Beta and a touchpad can be supported. Those who think iPad Pro is inferior to laptops are living under a rock.

I hope to see the entire jetbrains IDE suite available on iPad OS when it comes out.  If not, I wouldn't hesitate to use an alternative, which I'd bet would be plenty on day 1 of iPad OS release.


I’ve been waiting for iPad IntelliJ for a long time. The newest iPad Pro along with with iPadOS will be a very powerful tool for building any IDE. And it’s a big open market. Whoever is going to get in it first will take a big chunk of that. If JetBrain doesn’t want a new revenue stream, they’re not that smart.


For now I am using Parrallels Access and I get my full intellij on my IPhone 👍



You're not going to find Java IDEs on iPad unless and until there are Java compilers for iPad and the iPad OS supports deep directory trees.

You may find text editors with Java syntax support, they may already exist (I've never looked for them).


And that's not just Java IDEs, the same is true for say C++ IDEs as well, so don't expect CLion for iOS any time soon either.


The is already an active project and a prototype of OpenJDK 9 open for testing and contribution. I’m sure JetBrains have enough talents to help to make it all work.


This is not a nice-to-have at this point. It is a must. More IDE-like text editors being ported or appearing on iPad OS is just a matter of time. Starting with the focus on web development might be a good idea.

Also, I would probably pay in advance (Kickstarter, etc.) if JetBrains communicates a compelling and realistic vision.


> This is not a nice-to-have at this point. It is a must. More IDE-like text editors being ported or appearing on iPad OS is just a matter of time.

I generally agree, and that’s why I’m here. That said - while the platform is rapidly getting to the point where this will be true, it’s not quite there yet. At this stage, JetBrains has the opportunity to be the market leader. In a year or so, if they don’t have a good offering I think they’ll be playing catch-up.

I do almost all my personal projects now on my iPad Pro. I use Blink, MOSH, and vim+tmux on a Digital Ocean server for my platform. With an LTE iPad, it’s hard to distinguish from a decent lightweight laptop.


With the latest releases of IPad OS, more and more desktop applications are available to run on the OS.  This is becoming a mission critical need.  Corporations who need security of a "in hand" device and the ability to write software on the go, without needing to connect to a cloud for IDE or compilation.  Please make this a priority


You can run IDE in the Docker container and access it from the web browser:


1.  I do not know anyone has Internet connectivity 24/7 365 days a year that can use a remote desktop reliably with zero degradation, lag or outages?  For this one reason, unfortunately, this makes a Docker container unsustainable.  Unless there has been a release of Docker that runs on IPad OS.

2.  Implementing a secure enclave with FedRAMP certification, adding a certified VPN gateway with redundancy then provisioning thousands of IPads with VPN connections so people can program on a remote docker container through a browser is not acceptable.  The source code is not even in the developer's control in a Docker container. The scenario would cost Millions to stand up and hundreds of thousands a year to maintain, not including a service desk, enclave architects and operators.  My company does not have unlimited funds for this type of undertaking.  

3.  IntelliJ's IDEs are local applications installed on a device and run from a device, for security purposes, any remote access through screen sharing, RDP, VNC, or any other share and control software is not allowed.  Proprietary customer intellectual property and data, HIPPA, FISMA, Privacy Act all come into play, trying to satisfy a online Docker development environment that meets all these criteria with 100% uptime and 100% availability from developers IPad or workstation may be possible, but not financially feasible.


Native iOS IDE will not be available any time soon.


Universal apps will run natively on MacOS and IPad OS, but not IPhone (as that is IOS and not IPad OS/MacOS). Universal apps are the apps that will run natively once the switch is made to RISC chips by Apple later this year or early next year for their Macintosh machine lineup. 

Apple is well known for saying they will maintain backward compatibility with processors (See the Motorola to PowerPC migration and PowerPC to Intel migration). Apple only maintained the ability to run Motorola Native and Power PC Native applications for 2 revisions of the OS and then abruptly stopped.

I am not looking for an iOS application, per se, I am looking for a Universal app ( see Universal apps that run on apple and intel chips, that will take us into the future of not only IPad OS but MacOS.


IntelliJ IDEA is a Java Swing application. There is no universal JVM for iPad OS.

Rewriting the IDE with a different framework/stack may take years.

We'll support Apple Silicone for macOS, but not sure how it will translate to iPads:


I would like to be a beta tester if that is possible for the Apple Silicon versions if that is possible


The only part of my macbook pro I use is the ports and its screen, it always has a mouse and keyboard attached for interaction. 

The thought of being able to pickup 4 ipad pro's, chain them all together to have a 4 screen semi-portable development environment is very appealing.


Well, there is an option to use InteliJ products using Projector but you’ll need a remote server.
P.S. I’d love to have JB native app for iPadOS and now I believe it’s possible because: 1. JB products work on M1 arm64 so there is not a big difference between A12Z and M1. 2. There is OpenJDK working on M1, so should work on A12Z. 3. If this previous 2 won’t work, there is always an option to make Cloud version. Huge enterprise would appreciate that because they will be happy to monitor activity


A year has passed from the previous comment. We now have M1 iPads, Azul, JB Gateway, Space and Fleet coming up. Adobe has a working set of their portfolio already for iOS so the only reason for carrying a laptop along is IDEA Ultimate. Can't live without it. 🙂

After two years of working remotely it's pretty safe to say that I'm not returning to an office any more. Which applies to home office too - why stay there, when you can be in a cafe, in a train, on the poolside? Pretty much anywhere in the world.

I'm having a varying collection of portables with me. Right now I'm using iPad Pro 11 as a sidecar screen for my MB Air. Yes, the modern laptops like Air, Dell XPS, X1 Nano etc are nice and light, but I could do a lot lighter on most of my trips. I've tried Projector and custom server over a Remote Desktop. Works, did not enjoy them. The 5G network seems to be obvious already everywhere so I wouldn't mind having the heavy lifting and dev servers/services in the cloud.

Gateway client for iPadOS? Sounds pretty reasonable to start with? Finally unchain, release the ill-fated developers from their cages and let them roam free?


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