code formatting: want blank line before first Python method in class

Hi Folks,

I'm using 14.0.3 with a Python project, and I want Reformat Code to put blank lines around all methods in a class, but it is treating the first method differently and not putting a blank line above it for classes that have no """ docs (see pic). I don't like this because the method does not stand out. I tried playing with the settings for 'Blank lines around methods' (Editor > Code Style > Python > Blank Lines > Minimum Blank Lines > Around method > 2), but it ignores that for the first item.

The online docs for Code Style. Java say:

Minimum Blank Lines: Warning! These settings do not influence the number of blank lines before the first and after the last item.

I'm not sure if that's relevant, though.

Thanks in advance,


Screen shot 2015-03-13 at Mar 13 7.40.53 AM.png
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OK, done. Thank you. (It's from 2010, BTW)

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Is there any way to try to get this feature added? Still wanting it! Note that a class comment ("""...""") - event a blank one - will cause the desired feature, so that's a kind of workaround.


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