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I don't know if this is the place to give this kind of feedback. I did'nt see a good other place to leave this feedback on the JetBrains website (maybe this is something that could use work as well). I wanted to use IntelliJ to develop PHP. I didn't know anything about JetBrains and their products at the time. I googled "intellij php" and these two links came up first and . These pages at these links contain other links such as and . Nowhere on any of these pages does it note that these the PHP plugin is not available in the community edition. I was going through the "installing updating and uninstalling repository plugins" guide, and was scratching my head as to why the PHP plugin wasn't showing up in the plugin list, and I wasted a significant amount of time. Please update your website. Also, if this isn't the right place to leave feedback about the website, please make it easier to find the correct place to leave this kind of feedback


-- Kevin

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Thanks for the feedback, our documentation team will handle these issues.


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