JetBrains - IntelliJ IDE - CF Local Server Development Mappings help

I've had issues getting the development mappings setup for IntelliJ IDE. It just loads the default root localhost URL when I attempt to run a CF template from the IDE.
Here's some screenshots of the configuration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just setting up local webroot as 1 project with all of the folders under it.

Settings Page:

Run/Debug Configuration:
Result in browser. It's not passing the location of the template to the browser, just the server root :

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Internal web server doesn't honor any mappings, these are used only for the standalone servers with deplpyment configured in IDEA.

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That doesn't make sense.  I just want to map the server once and when I RUN/DEBUG, it sends the proper URL to the web browser without having to set it up for each individual page.  This is standard IDE practice for web apps, every IDE I've used in the last 20 years has had this baked into it.


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