Classes that are compiled with ANT is recompiled by Idea


I am using Intellij Idea. We have build tool (ant) to build project, but sometimes (especially during debug) I use Idea to compile classes. The problem is classes, that are compiled by ANT are recompiled after pressing Ctrl+F9. This is not good at least because our project is big enough and it take a lot of time to recompile everything twice. Also there are some troubles because of this in case of using Hot Swap. Is it possible to avoid this problem and make it possible to tell Idea to use compiled classes if they are older, then source code file?

Thanks, Pavel

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IntelliJ IDEA incremental Make is not compatible with classes produced by other build systems (Maven/Ant). Make manages its own cache and a track of files with the dependencies that should be rebuilt. There is no fast and easy way to get all this information from the already compiled classes. You should always use IntelliJ IDEA Make when developing and debugging and use Ant only when you need to package some milestone version or the final distribution of your app.


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