What does CLion integration in Android Studio mean for InteliJ

First, sorry if this is the wrong forum.  It seems wrong to me but I don't see a better place.

My question is that with the new Android Stuidio Google has included NDK capabilities that reportedly are rolled in from the CLion product.  So now we have InteliJ Ultimate that has WAY more capabilitiy than Android Studio, but Android Studio is apparently going to include CLion.  So now InteliJ is not a superset of Android Studio any more?

I don't have CLion, but I assume it runs as a completely different application and won't ever be integrated in the way Android Studio seems to be going.  So what's the best plan to deal with this?

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Android Studio includes only NDK support, you can't use it for plain C/C++ projects like CLion. So, it's a subset of CLion features specific to Android development.

At the momet we don't have plans to include NDK support or CLion features into IntelliJ IDEA, but it may change some day.


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