Tiny feature suggestion: Close other editor tabs with Alt+MiddleClick


The title says it all, but if you'd like some context or blah-blah-blah, here you go.

I'm a new (4 days old) user of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (14.1.4) which I find really great, mostly for killer refactoring/analysis features and the effective/beautiful UI.
I use Eclipse heavily for both professional and personnal development and I think I will just leave Eclipse behind.

What I really like about a GUI in general is when I feel that care has been taken to save screen real estate.

As I was fiddling with editor tabs settings I had the following reasoning:
- I want to save screen real estate so I'll stick with horizontal tabs arrangement (many open tabs are confusing anyway).
- Hence I will reduce the width of each tab by removing file extension and close button.

I'm pretty happy with this setup but you know how users are...

I like to close other tabs using Alt+Click on the close button of the tab I want to keep.
But having disabled the close button I have to right click and use the context menu.
This I not too bad but I think using Alt+MiddleClick to close other tabs would be:
- consistent with Alt+Click on the close button
- consistent with MiddleClick (which closes a tab)
- consistent with the coolness of the UI !

FYI I browsed through IntelliJ forums and built from git HEAD but did not find this request or feature.

Regards, and cheers to devs for making such a nice IDE.

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