IDEA 14.1.1 Ultimate keeps changing the .idea/misc.xml file when gradle projects are refreshed

Hi. Whenever I open idea, it changes the .idea/misc.xml file by adding this:

+  <component name="FrameworkDetectionExcludesConfiguration">
+    <file type="web" url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$" />
+  </component>

I then go 'Open module settings' -> Facets -> and delete 'web' from 'exclude from detection'. Then I do  a 'Refresh all Gradle projects' in the Gradle tab and I do git status, misc.xml changed again! I'm loosing years of my life over this.

What should I do about it? What triggers this strange behavior?

My project is a root project with 3 submodules.

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Could you please submit this bug at ? Thank you.

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Ok, I will try to reproduce in a small project and attach it as well.
In the meantime, we decided not to version the .idea and *.iml files, there were too many issues with various files and plugins putting files there. Importing a gradle project is so simple and has to be done only once that we decided it's not worth the gray hairs fighting against the files always changing.


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