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I have a very basic requirement, I was doing it in my PHP Designer long back.

My project files are available in remote Linux server. I have VNC, SSH and SFTP access to that; however, I am wondering is there any way to work on the project files, which are present in the remote machine, from my local windows machine. I can always install Intellij in my remote server and work by connecting through VNC but this is very slow. Can I simply work on those files from windows and changes should reflect in the remote machine asynchronously?

Sorry if this sounds very naive to you, I am suffering from long time to do this.


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You should have a local copy synchronized with the remote via SFTP. Working directly with remote files is not supported as IDE needs local index of all the files to provide all the smart features.

You could work via SSHFS directly, but it would affect the performance, so it's not recommended.

Refer to .


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