Test classes unable to resolve normal classes for Grails 2.5.0 project in 14.1.3

When I try to build my Grails 2.5.0 project from scratch in IntelliJ 14.1.3 (via menu Vuild -> Rebuild Project), I get groovyc errors that my test classes cannot resolve my normal classes, like:

Error:(, ) Groovyc: unable to resolve class ...

How can I fix this?

IntelliJ is running in Java 8u45, the project build with Java 8u31 since later versions aren't compatible with Grails, and I'm on Mac OS X 10.10.3, with all updates applied.

If necessary, I can try to attach my config file(s) later, I just don't know if any sensitive data might be stored in them that shouldn't be posted online.

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I just noticed that this problem is more extensive than I originally thought:

Some of my plugins, normal source, and test source cannot resolve their dependency classes.

I'll need to investigate more, but debugging the Grails app using a Run/Debug configuration works fine; all classes are built normally.  This outputs the built classes in the directory specified by the grails.project.class.dir setting in my BuildConfig.groovy.

Building via menu Build -> Rebuild Project outputs to the directory specified by "Project compiler output" in my project settings.  Is there any way to make the IntelliJ build user the grails.project.class.dir setting?

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Please submit a bug at http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA with a project to reproduce it.


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